Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Data Encryption in MS CRM 2013

a very good has been imposed even though not very matured, that's called Data Encryption.
its limited to the out of box entities and only for few fields.
wish down the line we will get more.

this can be only configured if your site is secured means https

so in CRM we can generate and change the key as per the below screen
Settings -> Data Management -> Data Encryption

to know and copy the key you can go to Settings -> Data Management -> Data Encryption and then click Show Encryption Key and see the key

if you want to change the key, you can do so, by entering the new key in the next section and click the button Change.
here is a catch, if the account you are using is not part of the PrivUserGroup , then you will face the below error
"Please select an account that is a member of the PrivUserGroup security group and try again".

 So you need to go to the AD and add the user into the group as below (how ever it should be added in general).

hope this gives some idea...


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